Americanism Programs

Eduction, Events, Conferences, and Awards that Promote Love of Country

A key purpose of the National Sojourners, Inc. is the advancement of programs that promote love of country. Accordingly, our nationwide chapters stand ready to provide a wide range of complimentary patriotic programs and services in support of interested organizations including:

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Civic Groups
  • Veteran Associations
  • Youth Groups
  • ROTC/JROTC Units (*See Below)
  • Other

In addition, National Sojourners Inc. is deeply committed to serving Masonic Lodges and Appendant Bodies with a wide range of complimentary programs and services to the Craft.

* If you represent an ROTC or JROTC unit and are requesting Sojourner awards, please be aware that it is best to contact a local chapter who will provide that service for you. If you have previously had Sojourner awards presented, chances are the chapter that provided those will be the one you need to contact again. Putting the National Office in the middle only delays response time. Lastly, please consider that preparation of these award packages takes a bit of time, so waiting until the last minute to notify our chapters of your ceremony dates/times may mean they can’t be there in person (if permitted) or may not be able to prepare the award package and have it delivered in time for your ceremony. Do NOT expect them to incur overnight shipping if you haven’t planned well in advance. If you do not know where the nearest chapter is, by all means contact the national office and ask them who might be an appropriate contact. If there is no chapter, the National Office will service your request. But otherwise, they will refer you to a Point-Of-Contact at the nearby chapter to help you.