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"When we assumed the soldier, we did not lay aside the citizen."

Giving Opportunities


The SEM Fund (Sojourners Endowment Memorial Fund) is an IRC 501(c)(10) qualifying, tax-exempt fund.  This IRC reference is for selected organizations.  National Sojourners is one of these organizations.  The SEM Fund serves the Order’s business operations and ensures its functionality.

Codicil for bequest to SEM FUND which is intended only to supplement and amend a Last Will and Testament.

THE 3-6-5 FUND

The 3-6-5 Fund (Club) is a sub-set of this SEM Fund that was developed as a further incentive for individuals and Chapters.  The yearly membership in the 3-6-5 Club is $3.65.  A Life Membership, which is encouraged for administrative reasons, is $36.50.  A Life Member gets a special membership card from the National Secretary.  A Chapter may earn a recognition streamer for their Chapter Flag, if they meet the overall membership’s minimum requirement, i.e., the equivalent of 100% participation by the Chapter’s membership.  The National Secretary performs the recordkeeping and awards the streamer on a yearly basis to those Chapters that earn it.  This recognition is also published in The Sojourner. Donations should be made out simply to:  SEM Fund. Where it is a 3-6-5 Club donation, the member should put a notation in the “memo” portion of the check, e.g., 3-6-5 Club, Phoenix Chap #306  OR  L3-6-5 Club, Phoenix Chap #306  This ensures the proper credit to the Chapter.



The long-worked multi-year effort to establish the SPIRIT OF AMERICA EDUCATION FOUNDATION (SAEF) has been accomplished with the IRS approval of the Foundation’s 501c(3) tax status effective 23 April 2014. SAEF guide and the donation form.  The form has also been posted to the Chapter Officers Resources, Chapter Secretary Forms and References pages.

A Guide to Giving Brochure. If you have been considering a gift to National Sojourners, Inc. (now or in the future), this brochure provides the information to assist you in your planning.