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2022-2023 Annual Reports

Again this year, we will be using the digital format for your Chapter Annual Report (CAR). The CAR is one form now, NOT 5 like it used to be. It is a spreadsheet with separate tabs for each of the “reports.” It is 2023 now but if you do not know how to type, use a computer, or use a spreadsheet – find someone in your Chapter or inner circle and ask them to help you. We can help you if you ask us.

Fill out the CAR and send it in after your elections/installation by email with the subject line of CAR – Chapter (name and number). Do not FAX it – do not fill out on paper and mail it in. EMAIL only.

2023 Chapter Annual Report (CAR)

IMPORTANT:  You MUST download the form to your computer, fill it out, save it to your computer, and then attach the file to an email back to the HQ when you file the report.

Miscellaneous Documents

Order of Ceremonies



PLEASE READ THE BELOW before you click on the above for the first time.

We have finally (FINALLY) managed to configure the systems at the national office to allow SECRETARIES to access their chapter’s data, and to correct/edit/add data as necessary. Be aware, when you make a change, it will be highlighted in red (or pink, depending on your monitor) to indicate it is “pending” at the National Office. They will, in turn, examine it and confirm with you that it is indeed what you intended to change before they accept it and make it permanent. There are only certain fields you can change (such as name, rank, service, address, phone, email, spouse, hero date, that sort of thing. You will see a LOT more information, some of which you can’t change. If you find something you need to change, but can’t, the chances are that only the National Office can make that change for you, so you need to report it to in order to get that change made for you (things like an error in the date they joined the chapter – you’ll notice pretty quickly what you can and can’t change. IF you have a problem or you get an error message, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you get a screen capture of the error message and send it via email to AND so we can check it out and get it resolved. We are using a FORM OF (not exactly like) what is commonly called “2-factor authentication” for your access to the MMS. First of all, you had to come here to find out where the mms resides. When you visit that site, you will be asked for a loginID and Password – that are NOT what you use to login to the regular website. This is to protect the database from some untoward activities that otherwise might go undetected. You will have to request your credentials from and those credentials can NOT be changed by you. Ready to give it a try? Website for access to MMS: Once you get to that site, you will be asked for your login credentials. When you login, it will show you a single block that says “Activities” (right now, there is only ONE activity you can choose … more are being developed, but aren’t ready for “prime time” quite yet). Click on Activities and it will show you “Manage Members” – when you click on that, it will take you to the GUI that you will work from – and you’ll have the opportunity to search YOUR chapter’s information for living and deceased members. Remember, there is a lot of information about an individual in the database, and you can’t change a lot of things. If you make a mistake, before you hit “save” then just correct it. If you hit save, just go back into the record again and correct the mistake and hit “save” again.

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Heroes 76 Logo (pdf format)

Additional NSI logos that have been “revamped”: