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"When we assumed the soldier, we did not lay aside the citizen."




All award requests must be in writing, the request form is listed below.

Our local chapters of National Sojourners sponsor the same schools each year, so please send written requests to your local chapter first.  (If unknown, try going to the main page on this site, drop down “about us” – and click on “chapters” which will bring up a map of the U.S.  Click on your state and if there are any local chapters their contact information will be displayed.  ONLY if there is no nearby chapter or you don’t have any chapters in your state should you send a request to our Headquarters at: National Sojourners Inc, 7942R Cluny Court, Springfield, VA 22153-2810; fax: 703-765-8390; email:

Include the following information in the written request:

Name and address of school

Point of contact and contact information

Time, Date and Place of the event

Name of cadet, if available

Many of our chapter representatives would also be happy to deliver a “Toast to the Flag” at the opening of your presentation event.  Make sure to give the chapter advance notice of your desires.

Send pictures of the presentation with captions, whenever possible,  to National Sojourners Inc or to the local chapter.


ROTC Award Request Form

ROTC SCHOOL INFORMATION SHEET Criteria for requesting ROTC Awards from National Sojourners Inc.