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"When we assumed the soldier, we did not lay aside the citizen."

Webmasters Past and Present

Mr. Richard D. Nelson * (1986-2003)
Mr. Robert S. Ferguson * (2003-2010)
1LT Dustin Tarditi (01APR2010-31AUG2011)
LTC David W. Alderfer (01SEP2011-AUG2017)
LCDR William A. Hickey III (01SEP2017-present)

National Sojourners®, Inc. gratefully acknowledges and appreciates the pioneering work of Brother Richard D. Nelson to establish our first website and bring us into the digital age. (Entries with * indicate “deceased.”)

We also gratefully acknowledge the following individuals whose generous contributions made this website possible:
Clarence* & Vera Nelson           Wendell Dutt
Andrew J. McVeigh III             David W. Alderfer
James S. Norris*                  Pedro Arroyo
Kenneth L. Lowmiller, Jr.*        Ron Stites
Benjamin M. Yudesis               Thomas Kuhn, Jr.
Daniel L. W. Taylor*              Joe Zito
Willis K. Whichard, Jr.           Paul McCullough
Benjamin T. Sutherlin*            Frank Harris III
Woodruff Bentley                  Gary Pirkig
Richard W. Williamson*            Henry Kuhn
Charles A. Folsom*                William F. Greschel*
Carl Diamond                      Robert W. Roth
Joseph Ryland, Sr.*               Joseph Westbrook*
William G. Sizemore               James Higdon*
Roy A. Whitmire*                  Larry Fouse
William G. L. Turner              NASOCOCO
James A. Baker                    NSI Trustees
James R. (Bob) & Pat McConnell    Camp Pendelton #243
Keye E. Perry, Sr.                DaNang #498
Russel E. Hain                    Mustang #542
Elliott B. Samuels*               Expeditionary #535
William D. Means                  Past Masters #997
Paul W. Pennybacker, Sr.          Saigon #409